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Novels like Grimm - ally_oop - 04-30-2020

Hi all!

Been looking for novels like "Grimm" but not Grimm fan fiction if that makes sense. I loved the show and stalked the novels and have found John Shirley and Tim Waggoner's books.

So I went down the rabbit hole and started following Tim Waggoner, and one of my "you may like" recommendations was Jason Tanamor.

So I checked out his profile and saw his new novel called "Vampires of Portlandia" which is recommended if you like "Twilight" and "Grimm". Of course, I had to see what this book was about (thank you internet!). It's not out yet but looks pretty cool and takes place in Portland.

Anyone heard of it?

It's available for pre-order for $.99 on Kindle so I said what the eff?

Anyway, you can check it out at

I'd love to read it and discuss once it releases. Would also like other "Grimm" like recommendations.