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RE: Can Humanity handled the existence of Wesen? - irukandji - 09-23-2020

(09-10-2020, 08:28 AM)FaceInTheCrowd Wrote: The non-criminal wesen personified by the frightened crowd that used to gather in the spice shop every time some crisis or another threatened to reveal the existence of wesen concealed themselves out of fear that kehrseite would react to their differences with persecution and genocide because their histories tell them that it's happened before. Other wesen felt resentment that they had to live that way. The customs they practice in secret often included their traditional feuds and hostilities toward each other, and of course there will always be those who will prey on their own kind who do not dare to seek aid from official law enforcement.

If the existence of wesen were a known fact in the world, there would probably be anti-wesen bigots calling in to talk radio and citing "wesen on wesen crime" as a justification for wesen mass incarceration and the excessive use of force against and shootings of unarmed wesen by police.

The few frightened wesen that you speak of in your post are a prejudiced lot. They are pretending to be the victims of history by laying blame on the true humans of current times.