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Full Version: what to take on Naked and Afraid?
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I'd want as big a reflectorized tarp as I could get, and I'd want my partner to bring as big a paracord or cotton rope hammock as we could get past the producers. and the machete, preferably with a Bowie point on it.. It's not all that hard to make friction fire, guys, any place that they can feasibly drop off naked people for 3 weeks. The tarp can be set up in a triangular cross section (viewed from the end, with the foot end folded over. Prop open the heat end and use the Siberian fire lay to project heat into the bag, and to heat rocks that we put into the bag. Part of the tarp can be cut up to make containers for water and/or food, and to be used as a liner for a hole in the ground, so that we can stone boil in it. When you've got such a tarp, making the shelter is quick and easy. Shared body heat inside of it, plus the fire, mean you sleep a lot better. The projected heat often "fries" mosquitoes that venture too close on their way to bite you. The hammock can be unraveled and then the resulting cord is further unraveled, to make fishline for use with gorge hooks and to be woven into netting, for use in making baited net-weirs, and a seine with which to push fish towards your weir (s)
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