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Full Version: Cloak and Dagger {Megathread}
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The series opens with the characters as small children who experience a devastating loss and exposure to a toxic explosion on the same night, linking them both psychologically and supernaturally. The explosion gives them powers (Tyrone teleports, Tandy conjures light daggers and both have visions) which surface only once the pair reunites as teens.

I saw the first two episodes and this is off to a promising start. Ty and Tandy were both affected by something traumatic that happened when they were little kids and they carry it with them in the present. The PTB really screwed over both their families and I think that will carry their narratives for the entire season.

Tandy is the one that looks like she will need a really big redemption arc. She certainly got dealt a bad hand in life but there were some things she did that may be unforgivable. I think they're setting her up to be someone that won't develop her heroism until late in the season. She really screwed over one person in particular.

Tyrone will probably have overcome his anger issues. He has a great reason for his anger but they're telegraphing that it will destroy him soon if he doesn't let it go.

Cloak and Dagger appear to have a connection that I think will look like co-dependency. It might get to the point where they literally can't survive without each other.

Three episodes in and this is pretty damn good. It has its own style. That may be because it's the only Marvel show on Freeform but I think it being set in NO also separates it. It was good to to see more of the city in episode 3.

I really liked the parallels and the symbiotic nature of Ty and Tandy's dreams. They're starting to understand why they need each other. Tandy can help Ty with his inner rage while Ty can get Tandy to stop running away. I also liked hoe they showed hope and fear are two sides of the same coin.

O'Reilly looks like she's going to play a large role. She will probably help Cloak & Dagger a lot on their journey even when their unaware of it. Tandy already appears to trust her and now she knows that there is some shady stuff going on within her department regarding this case.

The Voodoo lady isn't so easy to read. She'll probably play an ambiguous role where you're not sure what her motives are.

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