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Full Version: Rules: Please Only Post [Megathreads] in this Section
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These rules are for tv shows that don't have their own dedicated forum space at Grimm Forum.

In order to keep discussions about TV shows in one place, we ask that you please keep the discussions in their respective Megathread. If the TV show doesn't have their own Megathread, you're welcome to create a megathread for the tv shows to discuss with the Grimm Forum community.

If it's a show you really enjoy, we encourage you to start megathreads. How should the threads be titled?

Just add [Megathread] after the title of the show

For example, if it were a megathread for Stranger Things, the thread would be titled Stranger Things [Megathread]

Grimm Forum's a small but active community, and I think there are many show's we'd love to talk about with one another. These Megathreads will be a great way to keep the community engaged with current shows on the air.

Feedback's appreciated. Thanks!
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